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I couldn't be happier with Woodhaven. When Cash joined our family, we started looking for a veterinarian office to take him to. I found Woodhaven online and with the puppy plus health plan we have been able to have wonderful treatment for Cash and all his puppy needs taken care of with a very professional and loving veterinarian clinic....always helpful and timely with any and all appointments or concerns. If you are getting a puppy to join your family I would highly recommend the Happy Pet Plans for puppies.


We met Dr. Janet Riebe through the first dog we adopted after our move to Stevens Point. Our dog Tasha had been brought in by her first owner to be euthanized because she had cut herself jumping out of a window, a result of separation anxiety. Instead of putting Tasha down, Dr Riebe took Tasha into her care, until she was well enough to be put up for adoption at the Portage County Humane Society. After meeting Dr. Riebe, we knew we could never go to another vet. For over 10 years we have counted on her amazing mix of compassion, knowledge, and skill. One of the things that sets her apart from other vets we had been to is the time she takes to thoroughly explain procedures and test results, so we can choose the best option for our pets. She keeps abreast of the most current techniques and information, and she has proven herself to be an excellent surgeon. We not only take our own pets to Woodhaven, but also the rescue dogs and service dog puppies we foster. Her helpful and friendly staff have always made us feel welcome. From bringing a new furry member into our family, to the release of a beloved furry friend to the Rainbow Bridge, we can count on compassionate care from the vets and staff at Woodhaven.”

“Thank you on behalf of our fur-kids who actually like going to the vet!

- Terese Barta & Jim Sobaskie

We always recommend Woodhaven. Dr Riebe is a great vet, and very thorough. Her staff is very competent and caring.

- Joan McAuliffe & Ken Brown and pets

We'd like to thank Woodhaven for their part in keeping our pets healthy. We appreciate the extra care you take to go the extra mile, to make our pets feel like part of the family. Maggie and Marley love the treats and the smiling faces! Dr. Riebe was so patient and helpful in answering questions when we had our first litter of puppies with Maggie. We are grateful for the staff at Woodhaven Animal Health. It's great to know our pets are in good hands.

- Mike & Jill VanderZanden and pets Maggie & Marley

Our pets have been seeing Dr. Riebe and her staff since 1990. Our ‘kids' have all had special needs. Dr. Riebe and her staff have always shown great patience and understanding when caring for them. They have always gone above and beyond to take good care of our pets, and us. Woodhaven is a truly amazing place that has a very caring and professional staff, who come very highly recommended by our 4-legged kids and their parents.

- Mike & Ruth Coulthurst and pet Toto

Open arms greeted Sadie, our new puppy, at her first visit to Woodhaven. Everyone shared hugs, puppy kisses, and smiles. Sadie happily runs in at every visit to see her friends again. We couldn't have a better experience or receive better care, anywhere else.

- Cindy Weidner, and pet Sadie

We have had the best of times and the worst of times with Woodhaven Animal Health. Dr. Riebe diagnosed problems with both of our beloved dogs that other vets couldn't. She has always had the utmost compassion, gentleness, and love for her patients. The staff is always there at her side with understanding and kindness. You can tell they all truly have a love for their jobs and our pets.
It is with much sadness and many tears that we have now had to say goodbye to our dear dogs. I do have to say Woodhaven has made the experience a little easier with their sincere concern, and caring ways for our loss. We truly care for each and every one of you, and want to thank you again for being YOU! Woodhaven was truly sent from above.”

- Denise & Linda Dahlman and the late Casey & Zac

We have been with Dr Riebe for 13 years since moving to the area. When we first moved here we had 3 pets- Elway, Jazma, & Heidi. Jazma was diabetic and we found out one day that giving her insulin was not enough. Elway, believe it or not, needed hernia surgery, which Dr. Riebe had to do on a Friday night.

We have since had to say goodbye to these favorite pets. We now have 6 new ones- Otis, Forest, & Starbuck are our cats- Kallie, Tasha, & Mya are our dogs. Tasha needed surgery for a bladder stone. She then ended up needing a second surgery right away or we would lose her. Dr. Riebe also did the second surgery at Easter time, and took Tasha to keep an eye on her. We really appreciated the great care that Dr. Riebe gave to her, like she was one of her own dogs.

Now there is Otis, who likes to bring down the bats that seem to get into our home. Well, you know that bats can carry rabies, and therefore we had to contact Dr. Riebe to be sure the bat didn't have rabies, and get a booster shot for Otis. He managed to do this about 3 times. We have since fixed the bat situation in our home.

The staff have been very helpful over the years with any questions and situations that our pets come up with. Our pets are like our kids. We like them to be healthy, but that doesn't always happen. We have recommended Woodhaven to all our friends.

- Mike & Mary Bink and pets

We are “Those People”! We take our pets very seriously. They, of course are spoiled, yes they are our “children” and are the highlights of our lives. Taking that into consideration, finding an office like this one means so much. First of all, there is no place else we would ever take our little four-legged furry lovelies. We were referred to Woodhaven by close friends, and have never looked back.

We've been through the gamut of emotions here, and whatever situation arose, they had nothing but kind, caring, and well meaning with every visit. They care for our little ones as if they are their own.

The excruciating time came when we had to put down our elder, and these wonderful people at Woodhaven were nothing but compassionate. Little did we know would later go out of their way to have our beloved memorialized, without even being asked. We received a heartfelt sympathy card signed by everyone there, as if they were family. Our hearts were never so touched.

We have 3 dogs now, and they are treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and kindness. We are so thankful!

- Sincerely, Christopher & SuZ King and pets Bunnie, Bandy, & Bozzie

At Woodhaven Animal Health, all of the staff shows their devotion to the animals the minute we come through the front door. The caring and compassion continues throughout the appointment.

- Carole Olson and pets Newton, Neil, & Sherman"

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