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Happy Pet Packages

Points of Interest

  • Unlimited examinations and office visits are included with all Package levels. Services are available during regular business hours for
    Woodhaven Animal Health, and will be offered by appointment or by Day Care, based on the availability of the schedule of the clinic.
  • Packages make preventative healthcare more affordable by providing services at a reduced rate compared to retail prices. As an
    added convenience, monthly installments for a 12 month period are available. Packages may be purchased with a single annual
    installment or with scheduled monthly installments. Payment may be made by cash, check, VISA or MasterCard for single annual
    installment; payment may be made by cash, check, VISA or MasterCard for initial payment for monthly installment option; payment
    may be scheduled by automatic withdrawal from a checking account or VISA or MasterCard. Payments will not be accepted by
    Discover or Care Credit.
  • Packages are not insurance policies. These Packages are offered in order to provide preventative care services designed to prevent
    and/or minimize the seriousness of illness through early detection. Services that are not listed are not included in the Package. You
    will still qualify for this package if you also have an insurance policy for your pet.
  • Packages are not transferable from one pet to another or from one client to another.
  • Package membership fee and first monthly installment or annual installment are due the day of enrollment. Package may be
    cancelled at any time with notice (specific details outlined in the agreement). Membership fee is not refundable.
  • Packages may renew annually. Packages may be changed to another level at the annual renewal, but not during the term of the
    Package year.
  •  Additional discounts are granted as a benefit of the Package. Most services are eligible for discounts, but exclusions include (but
    are not limited to) prescription pet food, special order prescriptions, non-medical or over-the-counter items.

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Happy Pet Packages Agreement: Call our clinic for the password to access this page

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